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Interactive Art and Design

When We Collide
Multimedia installation Koh, Joyce Beetuan (set design), Lindborg PM (sound design), Stromberg D, Fasciani S, Pertout A, Shin S. Supported by NAC Arts Creation grant. The Arts House and ArtScience Museum, Singapore, 18-23     August 2015.

Sculptural 24 channel auditory display system. System consisting of synchronised fixed-media playback devices, pre-amplification, amplification, audio cables, suspension strings, custom-built loudspeakers, and large portable grid structure. Mixed materials.
Exhibited at National Gallery, Singapore, 1 - 7 December 2015.
First exhibited as part of the “Beyond the Horizon” group show at the ADM/NTU Outer Gallery, 19 March - 25 April 2015.

Búgó Resonances
Composition for piano and CD. (2003) (3 min.). Commissioned by ABRSM, United Kingdom.
 Performances by Prodromos Symeonidis, Berlin, Nov. 2015
Performance by NN at Nordic Music Days, Helsinki Music Centre, Finland, 16 Oct. 2013.
 Performance by Albert Lim, Esplande Theatre, Singapore, Oct. 2008.
 Performance by Yseult Jost, Santiago, Chile, Nov. 2006.
 Published in “Spectrum Series 4”, edited by Thalia Myers, ABRSM Publishing Limited, United Kindgdom, 2005.
 CD recording by Thalia Myers for ABRSM, United Kindgdom, 2005.
 First performed by Thalia Myers, London, UK. 2005.

Freq-out #
Series of site-specific collaborative sound installations. (since 2003). Each instance is specifically created for the acoustics and context of the location. Hausswolff, Carl Michael*, Lindborg PM (co-PI), Grönlund T., Harding M., Kirkegaard, J., LaBelle B., Nilsen B.J., Nisunen, P., Petursson, F., Pomassl, F., Tankred, K., Thirwell, J., Urstad, M. & Winderen, J.
Freq-Out 11 in Vienna, April 2016 (details to be confirmed)
Freq-Out 1.2 ∞ at Skandion Clinic, Uppsala. [permanent sound installation since Nov. 2014]
Freq-out 9, commissioned for Sonic Acts Festival / Dark Universe at Stedeljik Museum, Netherlands. 21-25 Feb. 2013.
Freq-out 8, commissioned for Moderna Muséet Stockholm, 13-19 Feb. 2012.
Freq-out 7, commissioned for Happy Ears Festival Kortrijk, Belgium, 13-20 Oct. 2008.
Freq-out 5, commissioned for Sonambiente / KlangRaum Festival, Berlin, Germany. 1-3 June 2006.
Freq-out 3, commissioned for Nuit Blanche Festival, at Siège de la parti communiste de France. 1-2 October 2005.
Freq-out 2, commissioned for Høvikodden / Ultima Contemporary Music Festival. Oslo, Norway. October 2004.
Freq-out, commissioned for Charlottenburg Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. October 2003.
Locust Wrath #3
Audience-participatory auditory display with handheld iOS devices. In Liong, Koh, Lindborg et al (2015). Make it New: Future Feed. 7-8 February 2015, National Design Centre, Singapore.

Locust Wrath #2
21 channel sonification of weather data 2015-55 covering the Mediterranean Basin. In four sections interspersed by recorded narratives read by Älvi Lindborg-Koh.
Competition selection for Music Installation program of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2014. Exhibited using a six-channel frontal auditory display, at the Onassis Centre, Athens, Greece. 21-26 September 2014 (5 days).
Exhibited as part of the “Beyond the Horizon” group show at the ADM/NTU Outer Gallery, 19 March - 25 April 2015. New version using the LW24 auditory display system for a 21-channel frontal auditory display.

Kinetoaudiovisual laptop performance (9 min.) (2011 revision).
 Sound+Music Open House, ADM, NTU, 6 Nov. 2014 [audio only]
 First performance of revised version at Nordic Music Days, Iceland, 11 Oct. 2011.
 Happy Ears Festival, Belgium, 20 Sept. 2009.
 MetalBlown, Singapore, 20 March 2008
 First performed at Choppa Festival, Singapore, 26 January 2008.

Nona Sensilia
Composition for choir and electronics by Joyce Beetuan Koh (composition); with Lindborg PM (interactive sound design). Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore 5 April 2014.
Locust Wrath
Multimedia performance with dance, surround sound, sculptures, and light. Leong, Angela (choreography), Koh, Joyce Beetuan (set design, composition, sound design), Lindborg PM (sonofications, surround sound design). Commissioned by ArtsFission Dance Company. HeloTrans Gallery, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 27-28 September 2013.

The Canopy
Interactive sound sculpture - installation. (2011-13). Lindborg PM, Koh, J.B.T & Yong, R.Z. Supported by IMI Art & Technology Grant, NTU.
 Revised version, first presentation at World Stage Design Festival, Cardiff, 6-9 September 2013.
 First exhibited (five days) at International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2011, University of Hudderfield, UK, 31 July - 5 August 2011.

Graviton Dance - Semantic
Electroacoustic music composition with generative 3D audio diffusion; concert (8 min.) & interactive installation versions.
 International Computer Music Conference 2013. Perth, Australia. 11-17 August 2013.
 First performance of concert version, at International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCMAT). National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. 1 December 2012.
TimeTravel Explorations
Interactive audiovisual installation (2012).
 First exhibited at International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCMAT). National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. 1 December 2012.
Nosferatu Explorations - The Ship
Music and video performance for saxophone and computer (22 min.) (2012). Commissioned by Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Denmark.
 First performed at the Sound Art Exhibition and Concert Series at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark, by Lindborg and Lars Lien. 10 June 2012.
TimeTravel - Tune In
Networked performance-installation (40 min. - indef.) (2012). Lindborg, PM* (creative director, interaction design), Lien, L., & Geistweidt, J.
 First exhibited & performed telematically at Nordlys Festival, Norway and Innovation Centre Gallery NTU, Singapore, with members from Arctic Sinfonietta, Ding Yi Ensemble, Chan H.Y., Koh, J.B.T. & O’Dwyer, T. 30 January - 2 February 2012.
The Bow, kinetic sound sculpture
 first proposed 2010, revised in 2012, not created.

The Last Lumière
Multimedia dance performance. (60 min.) (2011) Leong, A.*, Prvecki, D., Koh J.B., Lindborg, PM. (surround sound), Findel-Hawkins, S., & Arts Fission Dance Company.
 First staging (two performances) at Esplanade Theatre, 4-5 March 2011.

Edenkobener Beethoven Bagatellen
Composition for piano (2004). (16 min.). Lindborg, PM. & Koh, J.B.T. Dedicated to Konrad & Barbara Stahl.
 Performance by Albert Lim, Esplande Theatre, Singapore, March 2011.
 Performance by Yseult Jost, Santiago, Chile, Nov. 2006.
 CD recording by Prodromos Symeonidis for Beeperdesign, 2004.
 First performance by Prodromos Symeonidis, Herrenhaus Edenkoben, May 2004.

On the String, theatre of music
Multimedia performance (60 min.) (2010). Koh, J.B.T.*, Lindborg, PM. (sound art, interaction design, surround sound), Stromberg, D., Chian, K.H., & Lim, W.W.  Commissioned by National Arts Council for Singapore Arts Festival.
 First staging (three performances) at Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, 4-5 June 2010.
Singapore Voices
Interactive sound installation with images. Ng B.C, Lindborg, PM. (sound interaction design), J Yuan, R Stulemeyer (2009).
 Exhibited (one month) at Ngee An Polytechnic, August 2010.
 Touring display (eleven months) at four NTU locations, August 2009 - June 2010.
 First exhibited (two days) at Conference for Endangered Languages, 3-4 March 2009, NTU.

Electroacoustic music for Murnau’s film classic (92 min.) (2009). Lindborg, PM.*, Lim, D. & Kwong, J. Moving images by (Murnau 1927). Commissioned by WKWSCI for MonsterMania Film Festival.
 Screening at ADM Auditorium, Singapore. 10 January 2010.
 First screening at Golden Village Cinemas, Vivo City, Singapore. 23 Nov. 2009.

Music & video performance. (60 min.) (2008). Lindborg, PM* (creative director, composer, performer) & O’Dwyer, T., with selected pieces and newly composed interludes. Commissioned by SOTA, Singapore.
 First two performances at Inside Out Festival 2008, SOTA, Singapore, 16+18 August 2008.

Leçons pour un apprenti sourd–muet
Interactive composition for saxophonist and computer. (10 min.) (2008 revision). Creative project at IRCAM Cursus, supervised by M. Malt (1998-9).
 Performances by Tim O’Dwyer and PM. Lindborg in LAXASK, at Inside Out Festival 2008, SOTA, Singapore, 16+18 August 2008.
 First performance by Vincent David and PM. Lindborg, IRCAM, Paris, France, 1999.
Multimedia performance with music, video, and sound sculptures (60 min.) (2008). Lindborg, PM.* (creative director, composer, performer), Francesconi, L., Hegburg, J., Koh, J.B.T., Jackson, JS., Feinstein, K., Wong, S., & Sonderegger, F. Supported by ADM Startup grant.
First Performance at ADM Auditorium, NTU, Singapore. 20 March 2008.
Le mammouth englouti
Quadraphonic electroacoustic composition with live video (6 min.) (2007 revision).
First screening of film version (live video) at “PerMagnus Lindborg portrait concert”, New Directions Festival, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.
 Jury selection & diffusion at Festival IMEB Bourges, France. Sept. 2007.
 Performance at Festival d’Arts Contemporains à Belfort, France, April. 2006.
 First performance at Palot Montbéliard, France, Feb. 2006.
TuskExtraction, ConstipOrat
Film (electroacoustic music & video). (11’) (2007).
First screening at “PerMagnus Lindborg portrait concert”, New Directions Festival, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.
L’éventail en cuivre
Film (electroacoustic music & video). (11’) (2007 revision).
 Screened as part of Metal.Blown, ADM Auditorium, NTU, Singapore. 20 March 2008.
 First screening of film version at “PerMagnus Lindborg portrait concert”, New Directions Festival, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.
 First performance of electroacoustic music version, Le Plateau, Paris (2004).
Swirls, Edges
Film (11’) (2007). VIdeo by Lindborg, music by Lindsey Vickery, clarinet & electronics.
 First screening at “PerMagnus Lindborg portrait concert”, New Directions Festival, LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.
Sechzehn Wege das Nein zu vermeiden
Performance-Hörspiel for reciter-pianist and two computer performers (2004) (53 min.). Lindborg, PM., Koh, J.B.T. & Ott, K.-H.
 Performed by Karl-Heinz Ott, Joyce Beetuan Koh and PerMagnus Lindborg. Herrenhaus Edenkoben, 17 May 2004.

Extra Quality #2
music and dance performance for 12 dancers, live electronics and instruments. Lindborg, PM. & Coquempot, M. (2002) (70 min.) Commissioned by Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France.
 First staging (3 performances) by K.622 and PM. Lindborg at Centre Pompidou, Agora Festival, production IRCAM, Paris, France, 12-14 June 2002.

Project Time, theatre of music
Staged performance for two drummers and two electronists (2001) (24 min.).  Koh, J.B.T.* (composition, concept & direction) & Lindborg, PM. (sound interaction & design) Commissioned by Singapore Arts Festival 2001.
 First performance by Jatin Bedi, Quek Ling Qiang, Joyce Beetuan Koh PM Lindborg at Singapore Arts Festival 2001. Music composition, published scores (selection)
Man bör kalla saker vid deras rätta namn
Composition for chamber ensemble and soundfiles (10 min.) (2008 revision). Commissioned by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Transposition Norway-Vietnam Cultural Exchange.
 Jury selection for Nordic Music Days 2013, Helsinki, Finland, 15 October 2013.
 Revised version first performed by YST Conservatory Conteporary Ensemble conducted by Chan Tze Law at Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, April 6 2008.
 First performance by Ensemble Bit20 conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer, at Hochiminh City Conservatory, Vietnam, 4 December 2007.
for saxophonist, computer and film (2005 revision). (10 min.) Video by Len Lye “Tusalava” (1929). Commissioned by Animerte Dager Film Festival, Norway.
 Performance by Tim O’Dwyer & PM Lindborg at ADM Auditorium, NTU, Singapore, 13 Oct. 2012.
 Performance by Tim O’Dwyer (sax) & PM Lindborg as part of LAXASK, Inside Out Festival, SOTA, Singapore, 16+18 August 2008.
 Multiple performances (sax + computer version) by Matt Sintchak & Jeff Herriot on tours in USA, 2006-9.
 Performance by Jörgen Pettersson, Moscow, Russia, 2008.
 Multiple performances by Jörgen Pettersson, e.g. Skövde, Stockholm, Göteborg, Sweden, 2008.
 First performance of sax+DVD version, by Jörgen Pettersson, Paris, France, 2005.
 First performance of edited version for trombone, by Henri-Michel Garzia and PM Lindborg, Palot Montbéliard, France, Aug. 2005.
 Performance by Lars Lien & PM Lindborg, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, USA, April 2004.
 Performance by Stefan Baur (sax) & PM Lindborg at Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen, Denmark Jan. 2004.
 Performance by Didrik Ingvaldsen (trumpet) & PM Lindborg, at Tau, Stavanger, Norway, 2001.
 First performance by Lars Lien and PM. Lindborg, at Animerte Dager Festival, Oslo, Norway 1999.
Composition for saxophone and chamber orchestra. (22’, 2006). Commissioned by Ensemble Ernst with support from Komponistrådet, Norway.
 First performance at Ultima Oslo Festival of Contemporary Music, 15 Oct. 2006.
Composition for violin, cello and kantele. (12’, 2006). Commissioned by Shingle Church Music Festival in Kärsämäki, Finland.
 First performance by Maria Puusari, Markus Hohti and Eija Kankaanranta, at Shingle Church Music Festival in Kärsämäki, Finland. 16 July 2006.
Composition for voice, percussion, piano and live electronics. (2006, 12'). Koh, J.B.T. & Lindborg, PM. Commissioned by CDAP, Montbéliard, France.
 Performed by Serbanovic, Lorcérie, Jost in Santiago, Chile, Nov. 2006.
 First performance by Dragana Serbanovic, Joël Lorcérie, Yseult Jost at Montbéliard, France, June 2006.
for sax, percussion, guitar, piano and computer. (2006) (10 min.). Commissioned by Affinis Quartet with support from Komponistrådet, Norway.
 Performance at Ilios Festival, Norway, Feb. 2006.
 First performance at Hamar Music Conservatory, Feb. 2006.
for percussion, guitar, piano and soundfiles. (2006) (10 min.). Commissioned by Affinis Quartet with support from Komponistrådet, Norway.
 Performance at Ilios Festival, Norway, Feb. 2006.
 First performance at Hamar Music Conservatory, Feb. 2006.
Runs & Resonances
Composition for pianist (1996) (9 min.) Dedicated to Klas Torstensson.
 CD recording by Anders Kilström: "solo", Daphne Records, Sweden 2005.
 Performance by James Clapperton at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Norway, 2000.
 Performance by James Clapperton in Germany 2000.
 Performance by Anders Kihlström at Nordic Music Days, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998.
 Performance by Lora Tchekoratova, Stockholm, Sweden 1998.
 Performance by Ana Maria Tradatti, Mexico 1997.
 First performance by Marc Couroux, Montreal, Canada, November 1996.
Composition for orchestra. (2002) (12 min.) First prize at Stavanger Symphony Orchestra Nordic Composers’ Competition 2002.
 First performance by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zsolt Nagy, Stavanger, Norway, 4 Oct. 2002.
Nermal SonoSofism
Composition for sinfonietta (1998 revision). (17 min.) Dedicated to Torun Torbo. Audience Price at FORUM 1996.
 Performance by Oslo Sinfonietta conducted by Christian Eggen at Warszawa Autumn Festival, Poland, 1998.
 Performance by Oslo Sinfonietta conducted by Christian Eggen at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Norway, 1998.
 First performance of revised version by Ensemble Ernst conducted by Thomas Rimul, Oslo 1998.
 First performance by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt, Montreal 1996. Fixed media (CD, DVD, LP)
When We Collide
Audio-DVD. BeeperDesign [self-published] (2015, Aug.).
freq_out 1.2 ∞ Skandion
LP. Ash International #12.0 (2015, July).
On the String
Monograph DVD of On the String, multimedia performance. Postproduced version for DVD with 5.1 surround sound. Koh, J.B.T.*, Fu, M. & Tan, F., Lindborg, PM. (audio postproduction & mastering). Commissioned by ArtsAlive Collection National Library Board, Singapore. (2011)
Dreamlands Burn
CD featuring freq-out 3 and freq-out 4. Catalogue for the Nordic Art Show 2006 at the Múcsarnok | Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary. Article & photos. ISBN 978-963-9506-15-2. (2007)
Spectrum 4
Score and CD featuring Bùgò Resonances for piano and CD. ABRSM Publishing (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), United Kingdom. Thalia Myers, piano. (2005)
freq_out 2
CD. Ash International #6.8 (2005).
CD featuring Runs & Resonances. Daphne Records #1018, Sweden. Anders Kihlström, piano. (2005)
Edenkobener Beethoven Bagatellen
Monograph CD featuring Edenkobener Bagatellen. Prodromos Symeonidis, piano. Beeperdesign, France. (2005)
freq_out [0->∞Hz]
CD. Ash International #5.8, UK. (2003).
Looking at Darkness
CD featuring Bombastic SonoSofisms. ECM Records #1794, Germany. Frode Haltli, accordion. (2002)

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