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Master thesis supervisions

I'm supervising Master theses in Creative-AI + AI art, see the available projects here. Prior years' theses that I've supervised can be seen here and below:

Master thesis supervisions

Thesis Name Year
Imagining the Future of Creative AI Tools: A Cospeculative Workshop Eriksson, Emelie 2022

From Support to Disruption: Highlighting the discrepancy between user needs, current AI offerings and research focus for professional video creators, a situated user study.

van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Sietse 2023
Investigating Consumer Perception and Speculative AI Labels for Creative AI Usage In Media Sivakumaran, Aswath 2023

muGen — Generative AI as Machinic Exploration of Cultural Archives

Yan, Yu 2023
Seeding affect-mediations as close-making.: A designerly response to the problematic depiction of the CEE being in distance/ distant by proposing digitally induced disruptions Jirmann, Natalie


User-centered Creative-AI for Illustrators (on-going, 2023-24) Huang, Julia 2024 (on-going)
Sustainability assessment of Music AI  (on-going, 2023-24) Wang, Xu 2024 (on-going)
Aesthetic evaluation of Creative-AI  (on-going, 2023-24) Mäkinen, Jimmy 2024 (on-going)
Ethics of music AI (on-going, 2024) Simu, Karl 2024 (on-going)
Creative-AI for disabilities and accessibility (on-going, 2024) Julsing, Melissa 2024 (on-going)

Bachelor thesis supervisions

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  • Master thesis supervisions