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Qian Wang

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My name is Qian Wang and I have been working with transport relected questions more than 10 years. I had my PhD degree in transport system at KTH. I worked as a consultat at WSP Sweden after disputation. I have long experience in model application such as Swedish National Travel Demand model (Sampers) and SwedishNational Freight model (Samgods) in projects for transport infrastructure investment and appraisal. I am also skilled in data processing, visualization and statistic inference with differenct types of data: travel survey, commodity flow survey, various land used data and demographic data, automated fare collection data as well as new data sources such as GPS data, Wi-Fi data and drone filming. My research interests are modelling travel behavior at a microscopic scale and travel demand management with the emerge of “big data” and machine learning approach.

Profile picture of Qian Wang