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Smart microgrid for sustainable communities

Climate change and energy security motivate the wide utilization of renewable energy, hydrogen and electric vehicles.  Microgrids that connect these components can accelerate the transition, while current microgrid solutions encounter technical and economic challenges. We have developed a practical design and operation solution, consisting of an AI enhanced smart energy management system to maximize the profit and the utilization of renewable energy with guaranteed stability, a standardized hardware module structure for scalability, and a digital twin system for monitoring and maintenance. The solution can be directly deployed in buildings and energy communities in urban areas, as well as remote and arctic regions, for sustainable, economic, efficient and stable energy supply.

Part of our solution is the 1st place winner of Nordic Energy Challenge, 2022, for the sustainable arctic communities. Our solution also achieves energy-efficient buildings for buildings owned by City of Stockholm and Logicenters.


Figure: An overview of our solution


Funding support:

Swedish Research Council

Swedish Energy Agency

Nordic Energy Research

Digital Futures


Nordic Energy Award, 2022

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 list, 2023

IVA's 100 List 2023: Smart microgrid for sustainable communities

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