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Ravi Kalaiarasan

Profilbild av Ravi Kalaiarasan






Om mig

Ravi Kalaiarasan is an Industrial PhD student in production logistics at the Department of Production Engineering. Ravi holds a M. Sc. in Production and Logistics from Mälardalens högskola. He has been working for few years within the automotive industry with work experiences from production, purchasing and IT.

His research focuses on supporting decision making through supply chain visibility in order to support manufacturing companies improve their supply chain performance. Visibility across supply chain has become a key concern for companies. Events and crisis such as Covid-19 are resulting in long-term disruption of supply chains. Visibility is a key instrument in the future development of supply chains. Supply chains need fact-based intelligence to predict future settings and circumstances – enabling repositioning and decisive actions.

Profilbild av Ravi Kalaiarasan