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Roberto Heredia Fonseca

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I am a Ph.D. candidate at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the Energy and Environmental Systems program. My research experience spans four years specializing in energy systems modeling and analysis, focusing on supporting decision‑making in long‑term energy infrastructure investments, particularly in Low‑ and Middle‑Income Countries (LMICs), and addressing the complexities of navigating uncertainties inherent in data and modeling assumptions. In addition to my academic career, I bring strong analytical skills cultivated through work in the Oil&Gas industry, where I have contributed to projects involving complex 3D modeling. I am passionate about using my expertise to promote sustainable energy transitions and integration, acknowledging the  importance of renewable energy in achieving global climate goals and ensuring energy security towards a more
sustainable and resilient energy future.


  • Climate Compatible Growth CCG, In this project, I have worked on creating approaches to consider broader sector interactions besides the energy systems under the Work Strem 4. Approaches involve the use or extension of the Climate, Land, Water, Energy (CLEWs) framework and an application in the Land and Energy systems involving Kenya’s agricultural and cooking sectors, respectively. It also consists of developing coherent policies to promote sustainable growth across systems and sectors in the long term.
  • GOA State Energy Action Plan‑Road to State Energy Plan 2050, I was the leading energy modeler who developed the whole energy system model for the State of Goa (India). In addition, I analyzed the state’s deep decarbonization pathway through a 100% renewable scenario. This work contributed to the publication of the Clean Energy Roadmap for the state of Goa. In this project, I was also in charge of communicating directly with stakeholders in Goa.


Energy Systems for Sustainable Development (MJ2508), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Energy Systems Analysis and Applications - Minor Course (MJ2381), teacher | Course web