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Microneedle Technologies

Microneedle-based Sensing

The use of microneedles offers the possibility to painlessly access the interstitial fluid in the skin to perform real-time monitoring of analytes, eliminating the need for blood extraction.

In particular, continuous monitoring of glucose (CGM) is fundamental for proper diabetes management. By using microfabrication technologies we can realize ultra-sharp silicon microneedles and ultra-miniaturized sensing probes (thinner than a human hair), which fit inside the microneedles' lumen. This enables in-situ minimally invasive, minimally delayed and painless glucose monitoring.

More details on the Gluco-Touch project can be found here.


Microneedle-based Delivery

At the same time, by using microneedles, painless and convenient transdermal drug delivery can be performed.

The developed device, consisting in a trans-dermal patch with integrated active dispensing functionality through ultra-sharp hollow microneedles, enables controlled delivery of insulin and vaccines in the skin.


Microneedle Integration

Stainless steel microneedles have been integrated with soft and flexible substrates to create a conformal patch for drug delivery, by using a magnetic assembly .



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