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Swedish news media Dagens Industri reports on the success of foreseeti and securiCAD, with comments from Robert, 2020-12-15.

Swedish news media Dagens Industri reports on the increased cyber attack acitvity during the pandemic, with comments from Robert, 2020-12-15.

Co-arranged the "Solving the reproducibility crisis in the digital era," A Panel Debate on Science with Hanne Kjöller, Lorena Barba and Members of Swedish Parliament, 2020-12-14.

Press release from Swedish Research Council, expert group on research communication education, 2020-12-02.

Participating in (and winning) the Research Grand Prix pitch contest (semi finals), 2020-11-27.

Moderated the annual Nordic SCADA securityconference, Nov. 16-17 2020.

Presented our work on threat modeling and attack simulations in the Digital Futures Dive Deep Lunch Seminar series, 2020-11-12.

Our paper "Detecting plagiarism in penetration testing education" was accepted as a poster presentation at the 25th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (Nordsec), 2020-11-11.

Participated in a dialog about academic merits for industry collaboration, 2020-11-09.

Our paper "Assessing Alignment Between Business and IT Strategy: A Case Study" was accepted for presentation and publication in the 13th IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling (PoEM) Forum 2020.

Eleven new vulnerabilities related to the ismartgate PRO 1.5.9 was discovered and reported, 2020-09-25.

Our paper entitled "powerLang: A Probabilistic Attack Simulation Language for the Power Domain" as been conditionally accepted for publication in Energy Informatics, 2020-09-21.

Our paper entitled "Why Phishing Works on Smartphones: A Preliminary Study" has been conditionally accepted for presentation and publication at the IEEE Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-54), 2020-09-18.

KTH reports on our first lectures in the #290cybersecurity project educating young kids in security, 2020-09-16.

Our paper entitled "Ethical Principles for conducting responsible offensive security training" has been accepted for presentation at the IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management, 2020-09-12.

Presented Cyber security of smart electronics at the Stora Elektronikdagen med SUMMIT, 2020-09-10.

Our paper "Automating threat modeling using an ontology framework" has been accepted for publication in Cybersecurity, Springer Open, journal, 2020-09-02.

Our paper "A Systematic Literature Review of Information Sources for Threat Modeling in the Power Systems Domain" has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 15th International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS 2020), 2020-06-26.

KTH reports on the Energy transformation webinar, 2020-06-26.

Webinar: Energy transformation and the way there including a discussion on "Is cyber security a threat to sustainable innovation?", 2020-06-16.

KTH spin-off Foreseeti AB secures scale-up funding of 3 MUSD to accelerate growth, 2020-06-09.

Our new EnergyShield video is up on YouTube, 2020-06-11.

KTH has joined the #290cybersecurity project to help Swedish youth become better at cyber security, 2020-06-05.

The paper "A probabilistic attack simulation language for the IT domain" has been conditionally accepted for GraMSec'20, 2020-06-01.

The paper "Business Process Management in Theory and Practice: A Comparative Study" has been accepted for VEnMo 2020, 2020-05-09.

Article in Förvaltarforum about "Ny modell för säkrare digitalisering", 2020-03-31

Presenting cyber security challenges for Swedish real estate businesses at the HBV "Hållbara dagar" conference, 2020-03-09. 

Presenting cyber security challenges for CIOs in the buildings and property managements sector, 2020-02-11.

Swedish magazine Energi reports about our work on cyber security in the power domain, 2019-12-20. 

The papers entitled "Securing IoT devices using Geographic and Continuous Login Blocking: A honeypot study" and "Threat Modeling and Attack Simulations of Smart Cities" have both been accepted to the International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP) 2020, 2019-12-03.

A new project has been granted funding from the Swedish Energy Agency and the Viable Cities program. The project is called VASA (Hotmodellering och Attacksimulering av den LiVskrAftiga StAden) and will focus on threat modeling, attack simulations, and ethical hacking of smart facilities. The project is a joint collaboration between KTHforeseetiJMStena Fastigheter, and Coor, and it will run for three years 2020-2022. 2019-11-29.

Swedish news outlet Expressen reports on the cyber risks with cars, commented by Robert, 2019-11-21.

Panel discussion on the topic of hacking cars in Dagens Industri TV Motor (5 mins into the show), 2019-11-21.

Board meeting with RIFO (Sällskapet riksdagsledamöter och forskare) at Swedish Parliament to decide on joint activities for 2020, 2019-11-20.

Robert participated in the US-EU Frontiers of Engineering Symposium at IVA in Stockholm, 2019-11-19.

Our paper entitled "" has been accepted for publication in the Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly, 2019-10-25.

Robert moderated the science panel talk "A better tomorrow" at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2019-10-23.

Robert presented EnergyShield and IoT hacking at the Stockholm international summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (CS3Sthlm) and their ICS Cyber Security Expo, 2019-10-22.

Two new vulnerabilities, one for smart locks and for car dongles discovered by hacking students, Robert Lagerström, and Pontus Johnson have been published in NVDCVE-2019-12941(allows an attacker to perform a brute-force attack or dictionary attack to gain access to the WiFi network, which provides root access to the device) and CVE-2019-12944 (devices do not properly block guest access in certain situations where the network connection is unavailable), 2019-09-15.  

Threat MOVE and car dongle hacking was presented by Robert at the Autosec FFI conference in Stockholm, 2019-10-10.

Robert participated in the Gothenburg Book FairForskartorget, Friday Sept. 27, 2019, discussing the new book "Ett kalejdoskop av kunskap".

Our paper called "A Study of Security Vulnerabilities and Software Weaknesses in Vehicles" is accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 24th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec), 2019-09-23.

Two new vulnerabilities in smart locks discovered by hacking students, Robert, and Pontus Johnson of the Software Systems Architecture and Security (SSAS) group have been published in NVDCVE-2019-12942 and CVE-2019-12943, 2019-09-10.  

New book from the Young Academy of Sweden "Ett kalejdoskop av kunskap", with Robert as writer of one chapter "En stundande cyberepidemi?", get the book here, published by Santérus Förlag, 2019-09-02.

NyTeknik writes about KTH and foreseeti and the EnergyShield project, "Svenska forskare ska hacka europeiska elbolag", 2019-09-09.

Swedish Radio reports on the importance of cyber security and ethical hacking (interviewing Robert) - "Ökat behov av etisk hackning", 2019-09-06. 

Forskning & Framsteg writes about the EnergyShield project - "Därför ska KTH hacka elbolag i Bulgarien", 2019-09-06.

Computer Sweden reports on our new EU project, EnergyShield, "Nu ska elbolagen hackas – KTH får 1,5 miljoner till white hats," 2019-09-04.

KTH press release "Svenska forskare hackar elbolag i Europa" for the EnergyShield project, 2019-08-30.

Participated in the summer school called "Forskarmöten" with the Young Academy of Sweden in Fiskebäckskil, 2019-08-12.

Vulnerabilities CVE-2019-12797CVE-2019-12820, and CVE-2019-12821 found by me and my students were publised in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), 2019-07-19.

Presenting and discussing cyber security in smart cities at the Senseable City Lab MIT Boston, 2019-07-09.

Our paper entitled "Re-using Enterprise Architecture Repositories for Agile Threat Modeling: A Case Study employing the Hidden Structure Method" was accepted for the Service-oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering(SoEA4EE) workshop, 2019-07-08.

Our paper entitled "Creating MAL Instances Using ArchiMate on the Example of Attacks on Power Plants and Power Grids" was accepted for the Enterprise Computing Conference(EDOC), 2019-07-5.

Our new EU (H2020) project called EnergyShield has now officially started - read more here, 2019-07-01.

Our paper entitled "A Methodology for Operationalizing Enterprise IT Architecture and Evaluating Enterprise IT Modifiability" was accepted for the Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly(CSIMQ) journal, 2019-06-11.

Dagens Nyheter write about vulnerabilities in car donglesfound by our students, 2019-06-01.

Our paper entitled "Conceptual Abstraction of Attack Graphs - a Use Case of securiCAD" was accepted for the sixth international workshop on Graphical Models for Security(GraMSec'19), 2019-05-29.

Presenting at the Automotive Cybersecurity Seminar 2019 Stockholm @ KTH campus, 2019-05-20.

Our bachelor thesis students interviewed in SVT about hacking electric scooters, 2019-05-11.

Moderator for the Insight Events SCADA security conferencein Stockholm, 2019-05-09.

Organizer of the quantitative risk assessment workshop at the SCADA security conference, 2019-05-07.

Interview in Metroabout hacking smart homes, 2019-04-28.

Interview in KTH newsabout smart city security and ethical hacking, students also interview in TV4, 2019-04-24.

Interview in Universitetslärarenabout A better tomorrowfilmfestival activities, 2019-04-17.

At the RIFO (Sällskapet riksdagsledamöter och forskare) annual general meeting I was elected to be part of the RIFO board, 2019-03-27.

Jury member at the finals of Utställningen Unga Forskare, 2019-03-28.

Our paper entitled Threat Modelling and Attack Simulations of Connected Vehicles: A privacy extension of vehicleLang has been accepted for inclusion to theIEEE Cyber Science 2019 Conferenceto be held at the University of Oxford, UK, 2019-03-26.

Moderator and speaker atBUFFand the A better tomorrow seminar in Malmö, 2019-03-26.

Our paper Threat Modeling - A Systematic Literature Reviewis now published in Computers & Security, vol. 84, 2019-03-25.

IVA presented their 100 list for 2019with foreseeti and securiCAD as one of the research to business success stories (info also mentioned by KTH in the research on a roll piece), 2019-03-20. 

Press releaseand KTH news about filmfestival and research reachout to kids and young adults, 2019-02-28.  

Interview in NyTeknik about the threats to Swedish power grids, 2019-02-20.  

Meeting with the Young Academy of Sweden in Stockholm, 2019-02-07.

Our papers "Probabilistic Modeling and Simulation of Vehicular Cyber Attacks: An Application of the Meta Attack Language" and "Threat modeling and attack simulations of connected vehicles: a research outlook" were accepted for presentation and publication in the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP), 2018-12. 

Meeting with the Young Academy of Sweden in Amsterdam, 2018-11-28.

A better tomorrow short film science conversation with the LadyBug filmfestival, focus environment, 2018-11-06. 

The KTH, Foreseeti and Klarna project "Proactive risk and threat simulations in the cloud" was funded by Vinnova, 2018-10-29. 

General chair of the IEEE EDOC, the enterprise computing conference, 2018 in Stockholm, 2018-10-16.

PhD student Margus Väljasuccessfully defendedhis thesis "Improving IT Architecture Modeling Through Automation: Cyber Security Analysis of Smart Grids", 2018-10-15.

Article in EnergiVärldenabout foreseetiand securiCADand its ability to find vulnerabilities in energy systems, 2018-09-21.

Panel member discussing "How to avoid cyber related blackouts? - cyber security and its challenges for the Swedish energy system" at the Svd Energy Summit, 2018-09-19.

A better tomorrow short film competitionfor kids and youth together with BUFF, 2018-08-21.

Our paper "Multivariate Unsupervised Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Enterprise Applications" was accepted for presentation and publication at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2019, 2018-08-19.

Three day science summer schoolfor Swedish youth with the Young Acacemy of Sweden, 2018-08-16.

Our paper "Enterprise Architecture and Agile Development: Friends or Foes?" was accepted for presentation and publication at the Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research (TEAR) workshop, 2018-07-27.

Our paper "Load balancing of renewable energy: a cyber security analysis" was published online in in Energy Informaticsa Springer Open journal, 2018-07-26.

Presented cyber security 101 for the ANNA+Cienetwork leadership program, 2018-06-15.

Swedish Energimyndighetenapproved our Viable Citiesprestudy project called F-VASA, 2018-06-14.

Our paper "A Meta Language for Threat Modeling and Attack Simulations" was accepted for presentation at the International Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence (WCTI 2018)and publication in the proceedings of the 13th International ARES Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security, 2018-05-30. 

Video discussion on cyber security and ethical hacking of connected vehicles, 2018-05-29.

Presented research on threat modeling and attack simulations for the SIG Security network, 2018-05-02.

Podcast about IT securitywith RadioScience, 2018-04-20.

Initiated and hosted the A better tomorrow programat the Swedish Short Film Festival, 2018-03-23.

Jury member for the final of Unga Forskare, 2018-03-22.

Podcast about communication- robots, cancer cells and cyber security, 2018-03-16.

Participated in thefifth round of the network program with the parliament, 2018-03-15.

KTH about Robert hosting "A better tomorrow" section at Sveriges Kortfilmfestival, 2018-02-19.

Educational seminar on threat modeling at the eCrime congressin Frankfurt, 2018-01-24.

It is time to apply for the online course on Ethical hacking, 2018-01-22.

THREAT MOVE project in NyTeknik, 2018-01-10.

Panel moderator and initiator of "How to succeed as a researcher: KTH" seminar, also reported in Campi, 2017-11-15.

Science café presenterat the Swedish parliament discussing communication - cells, cyber security & robots, 2017-10-26.

Part of researcherand Swedish parliament exchange program, 2017-10-25.

PI for Vinnova-project together with Volvo Cars, Scania, F-Secure, and Foreseeti on threat modeling for secure vehicle IT, 2017-10-13.

Program committee chair for the IEEE Enterprise Computing conference (EDOC) in Quebec City, Canada, 2017-10-11.

Presented the research in progress paper "Automatic Design of Secure Enterprise Architecture" at the Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research (TEAR) workshop in Quebec, Canada, 2017-10-10.

Joined Olle Segerdahl and Christoffer Jerkeby at F-Secure to talk about Threat Modeling in their podcast "Säkerhetssnack", 2017-10-09. 

Game leaderat ForskarFredagwith theYoung Academy of Sweden, 2017-09-29.

Opinion articlein Computer Sweden about power systems IT security, 2017-09-25.

Hosted the STandUP seminar on Digital and Resilient Power Systems, 2017-09-21.

Presented cyber security 101 for the ANNA+Cienetwork leadership program, 2017-08-31

The paper "" was published in the International Journal of Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly (CSIMQ) no. 11, June/July, 2017.

Article in Svenska Dagbladetdebating the need for management to know what to protect, 2017-08-10.

Attending the World Wide Meeting of Young Academiesin Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017-07-20.

News coverage in Smart Cities Worldabout the need for proactive cyber security, 2017-07-18.

Presented my paper on software architecture coupling and vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and chaired the empirical session at the 8th International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems (ESSoS) in Bonn, Germany, 2017-07-04

Article about securiCAD in Ciennce, 2017-05-20.

Building a smart grid: digital chickens and cyber-secure eggs, news coverage, 2017-05-16.

"Designing an agile software portfolio architecture" was awarded best paper and will thus be included in the proceedings of the 2017 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2017-05-04.

Academy meetingin Stockholm, 2017-04-26

Article about foreseeti and securiCAD in Elektronik Tidningen, 2017-04-10

Invited speaker at SCADA security conference, 2017-04-05

KTH spin-off, foreseeti, has been awarded the title as one of Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companiesin 2017 by NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden, 2017-04-04

Invited speaker at the Vehicle ICT Arena's Innovation Bazaar, 2017-03-22

Science game at the Swedish Research Council, 2017-03-21

KTH Tech Talk about foreseeti and tech transfer, 2017-02-27

KTH interview with me about foreseeti and securiCAD, 2017-02-27

#KTHFaces Facebook post by Electrical Engineering, 2017-02-02

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