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Robin Palmberg

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Doctoral student




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About me

A research student focusing on providing digital aid for humans with special needs and special demands. He has a background in Human-Computer Interaction focusing on Multimodal Interaction, Internet of Things and Computer Graphics. Right now working with collecting and processing travel behaviour of elderly people diagnosed with dementia in an attempt to aid them in everyday life while gathering information leading to optimization of future transport planning.


2016 ProsocialLearn (Funded through Horizon 2020 nr 644204)

2017-2019 NOESIS - Novel Decision Support tool for Evaluating Strategic Big Data investments in Transport and Intelligent Mobility Services (Funded through Horizon 2020 nr 769980)

2019-2021 MERGEN - Multi-purpose biometric Evaluation Research-tool Grounded in Emerging Network technologies (Funded through ITRL)


2016-2017 Research Engineer at VIC, KTH
2017-2019 Research Student at SEC, KTH
2019-active Doctoral Student at ITRL, KTH


2011-2014 Bachelor of Science in Media Technology
2014-2016 Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
2011-2016 Master of Science in Engineering in Media Technology


2017 When facial expressions dominate emotion perception in groups of virtual characters
2017 Expressive virtual characters for social demonstration games

Conference Contributions

2018 Enabling Technologies to Serve the Ageing Urban Society Better (ENTRUST) - Ny teknik i äldreomsorgen 24 maj 2018 Stockholm
2019 Developing and trialling an implicit interaction platform to monitor and aiding dementia travellers - Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys (MASS) Workshop, 4-5 March, Mannheim, Germany
2019 Uncovering Effects of Spatial and Transportation Elements on Travellers Using Biometric Data - 15th biennial NECTAR conference University of Helsinki, Finland 5-7 June 2019


2017 Elected winner in the Ultimaker Education Challenge

The Ultimaker Education Challenge is a competition for teachers in 3D-printing where you submit a plan for a lecture combining your field of work with 3D printing. I combined Computer Game Design with the printing of tangible objects for new ways of interacting with games. The prize is a 3D printer (an Ultimaker 3), supplies for a year, a course for this particular printer as well as a diploma.. The printer will help us in the courses we give in VIC where we let the students explore new ways of interaction.
More about the competition here: Ultimaker