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Patrick Rohlmann

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About me

My research focuses on the development and the evaluation of novel lubricants. Nowadays advanced machines consist of various highly tuned components to reduce production and maintenance costs and expand lifetime performance, also more energy efficient designs are requested. Reduction of friction and wear is one strategy which contributes to these goals. In that way a lubricant can be also seen as a machine component, which can be designed and tuned like a machine component. High thermal and pressure stability, biodegradability, low production costs are only some objectives.

Our project challenges this aim by designing ionic liquids and evaluating their tribological properties (friction and wear) among others in a wide range of contact conditions.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 09/2013 - Ph.D. Student at Systems and Component Design, Department of Machine Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

04/2013 - Graduation (as Dipl.-Ing.) in mechanical engineering at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany.