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Ioanna Sapouna

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I studied Chemistry in Greece, at the University of Ioannina, getting my degree in 2016 from the Department of Analytical Chemistry. I moved to Stockholm in 2016, to pursue a MSc. degree in chemistry at KTH, through the master’s program “Molecular Science and Engineering”, which I represented as an international student ambassador in 2017. My thesis project was focused on the development of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) membranes to be used in Vanadium redox flow cell batteries, in the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology (FPT).

I started my doctoral studies in 2019 on fundamental aspects of native lignin structure, polymerization and interactions with cell wall components. I am a member of the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC) and the Division of Glycoscience in the Department of Chemistry. I am interested in developing protocols that allow investigation of structure, composition and chemical properties of native lignin in wood species. This knowledge will have a great impact on sustainable development through effective biorefinery and lignin valorisation.


Deciphering lignin heterogeneity in ball milled softwood: unravelling the synergy between the supramolecular cell wall structure and molecular events. Green Chemistry, 2021