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Publications by Saumey Jain



Jain, S., Birgersson, M., Kipen, J., Jaldén, J., Stemme, G., Niklaus, F. ... Herland, A. (2023). Sensing of protein and DNA complexes using solid-state nanopores. Biophysical Journal, 122(3S1).
Yadav, S., Jain, S., Manoj Kumaran, S. & Satija, J. (2020). Bimetallic Hollow Nanostructures for Colorimetric Detection of Picomolar Level of Mercury. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 20(2), 991-998.
Divagar, M., Jain, S., Satija, J. & Sai, V. V. R. (2019). Self-assembled polyamidoamine dendrimer on poly (methyl methacrylate) for plasmonic fiber optic sensors. ChemNanoMat.
Barman, S. R., Nain, A., Jain, S., Punjabi, N., Mukherji, S. & Satija, J. (2018). Dendrimer as a multifunctional capping agent for metal nanoparticles for use in bioimaging, drug delivery and sensor applications. Journal of materials chemistry. B, 6(16), 2368-2384.
Nain, A., Barman, S. R., Jain, S., Mukherjee, A. & Satija, J. (2017). Dual mechanism-based sensing of mercury using unmodified, heteroepitaxially synthesized silver nanoparticles. Applied Nanoscience, 7(6), 299-307.


Kipen, J., Jaldén, J., Raja, S. N., Jain, S. (2023). Efficient Implementation of Robust CUSUM Algorithm to Characterize Nanogaps Measurements with Heavy-Tailed Noise. In ICASSP 2023 - 2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). (pp. 1-5). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
Sangeeta, K., Jain, S., Satija, J. (2018). Investigation of bimetallic hollow nanoparticles for colorimetric detection of mercury. In Nanophotonics VII 2018. SPIE.

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Buchmann, S., Stoop, P., Roekevisch, K., Jain, S., Kroon, R., Müller, C., Hamedi, M., Zeglio, E., Herland, A. (). In situ functionalization of polar polythiophene based organic electrochemical transistor to interface in vitro models. (Manuscript).
Voulgaris, D., Jain, S., Hesen, R., Moslem, M., Falk, A., Herland, A. (). On-chip neural induction boosts neural stem cell commitment and stabilization : toward a pipeline for iPSC-based therapies. (Manuscript).
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