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Seema Paul

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I have a diverse background in various academic fields, including numerical modeling, fluid dynamics, lake hydrodynamics, environmental sustainability, climate impacts, transport processes, and quality assessment. At KTH, I contributed to the planning, development, and coordination of the "Sida-Bangladesh Project". I have held the position of Research Engineer at SEED, KTH, and have assisted with courses at the Department of Mathematics and the Department of SEED, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

In August 2022, my PhD project was awarded a small grant from the “Water Center at KTH” to present my work to stakeholders at “Stockholm H2O. Additionally, in 2019, I received funding from the “KTH Sustainability Office” to develop the “Sida-Bangladesh project”.

My PhD studies conducted under the “Lake Victoria Pilot Project” have focused on Lake Victoria hydrodynamic and pollution transport processes under climate change using various geophysical software. The numerical models and methods that have been developed in this dissertation have been used for studies on lake hydrodynamics, climate effect, pollution transport, and water quality related to several processes, and the set of analytical methodologies that this dissertation has developed can be used to investigate hydrodynamic and transport processes in other lakes, reservoirs, and regions. A potential area of application of this research is to support mitigation methods for preventing further pollution in freshwater reservoirs, which has aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals related to water security, drinking water, food, and health.

From 2013-2014, I worked as a project coordinator for the “Lake Victoria Pilot Project”at KTH. In 2014, I attended the Comsol Multiphysics conference in Bangalore, held on November 13th - 14th. My work was recognized and awarded as the “Best Student Paper”.

During my PhD research, I wrote a total of eight papers and one book chapter. Out of these, six papers were included in my PhD thesis. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to attend and participate in several international conferences, and have attended two workshops and various summer school programs.

Profile picture of Seema Paul