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Publications by Seyoum Eshetu Birkie

Peer reviewed


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Conference papers

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K. Ericsson, S. E. Birkie and M. Bellgran, "Does Industry 4.0 Matter to Automotive SME Suppliers? : The Role of Advanced Digital Technologies in the Strategic Work of Firms in the Swedish Automotive Valley," in Advances in Production Management Systems. : Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems: Turning Ideas into Action, 2022, pp. 118-125.
S. E. Birkie, "Digitalization for Resilience and Sustainability During the Covid-19 Pandemic : An Explorative Event Study," in Advances In Production Management Systems : Artificial Intelligence For Sustainable And Resilient Production Systems, Apms 2021, Pt Iv, 2021, pp. 591-600.
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S. Linderson, S. E. Birkie and M. Bellgran, "Success factors for rapid roll-out of a lean method change: a pharmaceutical manufacturing case study," in 26th EurOMA conference, 2019.
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Chapters in books

P. Trucco, B. Petrenj and S. E. Birkie, "Assessing supply chain vulnerabilities upon critical infrastructure disruptions: a multilevel modelling approach," in Supply Chain Risk Management: Advanced Tools, Models, and Developments : , Yacob Khojasteh Ed., Tokyo : Springer, 2018, pp. 311-334.
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