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Publications by Fariya Sharmeen

Peer reviewed


F. Sharmeen, B. Ghosh and I. Mateo-Babiano, "Policy, users and discourses : Examples from bikeshare programs in (Kolkata) India and (Manila) Philippines," Journal of Transport Geography, vol. 90, 2021.

Chapters in books

B. Ghosh and F. Sharmeen, "Understanding Cycling Regime Transition and Inequality in the Global South : Case Study of an Indian Megacity," in Cycling Societies: Innovations, Inequalities and Governance, Zuev, Dennis, Katerina Psarikidou and Cosmin Popan Ed., New York : Taylor & Francis Group, 2021, pp. 201-218.

Non-peer reviewed


J. D. A. E. Silva, F. Sharmeen and J. de Ona, "Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), social media and (un)sustainable mobility," Travel Behaviour & Society, vol. 24, pp. 279-281, 2021.
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