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Shuang Hao

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Om mig

I am a PhD student in the discipline of hydraulic and hydrologic engineering. I am doing research on reservoirs and hydropower operation in a larger basin, and how climate change would impact on hydropower generation in a long term. I am in the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Technology (SEED), and belong to Division 4, Resources, energy and infrastructure. My main supervisor is Anders Wörman and my second supervisor is Luigia Brandimarte.

Hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy in the world and is becoming the dominant source of flexible electricity by 2050. Hydropower contributes to 39% of all electricity generation in Sweden. Hydropower production management depends highly on water availability and, hence, depends on hydroclimate fluctuations that drive water inflows to hydropower reservoirs. In order to investigate how hydro-climate impacts hydropower generation, we need to study how hydro-climate periodical fluctuation and how to simulate the hydropower operation system in a big river basin. I develop an ensemble forecasting method for forecasting water availability and build a programming model for simulating the hydropower operation system. The results show that the biannual hydro-climate fluctuations should be accounted for in the management of hydropower generation and planning, which affect the production efficiency by approximately 2% or 80GWh/year in the Dalälven River Basin

Profilbild av Shuang Hao