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Shravan Kumar Pinayur Kannan

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Doctoral student




About me

Shravan works as a PhD student at the division of energy systems. His research is focused on the decarbonization of industries through recovery, recycling and re-use of energy within industries. The research encompasses the development of a tool for long term energy investment planning in industries.

He joined the division as a PhD student in 2020 and has since been involved in the H2020 EU project EMB3RS where OSeMOSYS is used to optimize recovery and re-use of excess heat from industries and other sources. More information on the EMB3RS project can be found at ''.

He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in Sustainable energy systems.


Energy Systems for Sustainable Development (MJ2508), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Energy Systems Analysis and Applications - Minor Course (MJ2381), teacher | Course web