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Sofia Strömqvist

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Om mig

As we rapidly advance on the fast train of digitalisation, it is crucial to ensure that all members of society are not only onboard but actively engaged in shaping this societal journey to a place in which we all can thrive. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Digital Accessibility at KTH, exploring the intersection of participatory design, value-sensitive design, and digital accessibility, aiming to contribute to the knowledge on digital design development for all citizens.

I'm working on The European Center of Vocational Excellence in Accessibility (AccessCoVE), an EU Erasmus Plus project, that has the ambition to develop up to date educational programs on accessibility in our societies. By establishing AccessCoVE, the project seeks to bridge knowledge gaps and become a credible hub for accessibility-related knowledge in Europe and in Sweden. Partnering with organizations across Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy, AccessCoVE will conduct extensive research to understand the needs of individuals with disabilities and the elderly.

With a research objective to explore ways of co-designing with marginalized communities in society, I within my PhD seek to find and understand the tools for facilitating inclusive spaces. Spaces that allows diverse voices to shape outcomes collaboratively. I’m driven by a desire to contribute to the development of more accessible digital landscapes and look forward to continued learning and engagement within the field.


Människa-datorinteraktion, grundläggande teori (DH1623), lärare | Kurswebb

Människocentrerad teknik för funktionshinder (DM2624), assistent | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Sofia Strömqvist