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Short CV

CV Stefan Ståhl

Personal data: Date of Birth: Feb 16, 1961. Married, two daughters.

Affiliation: Dept. Protein Science, School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. 

Positions in academia
2019-present, Deputy Head of Department, Protein Science, CBH, KTH.
2020-2021, Granted visiting professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2018-2019, Head of Department, Protein Science (ca. 210 employees), CBH, KTH.
2005-2013 Head of School, School of Biotechnology, KTH (> 400 employees in 2013).

Academic degrees
1999, Professor in Molecular Biotechnology, Dept. Biotechnology, KTH.
1998, Associate Professor, Dept. Biotechnology, KTH
1996, Assistant Professor/Docent in Molecular Biotechnology, KTH
1992, PhD in Biotechnology, KTH. Thesis on malaria vaccine (Supervisor: Uhlén)
1987, MSc in Chemical Engineering, KTH. Specialty in Biochemistry.

Non-academic position: 2000-2002, Chief Scientific Officer at Affibody AB (part time, from 20 to 80%, while maintaining professor's chair and research activities at KTH).

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Education
2017: Nasdaq First North Board & Management Training.
2005-07: Swedish National Agency for Higher Education - Academic leadership.
2004-05: KTH Executive School: Executive Program in Growth Management

Supervision: Doctoral Degrees: 30 PhD-students have been supervised to their dissertation, in addition, several postdocs and > 40 master thesis students. 

Research output: More than 225 full-length peer-reviewed articles. H-index = 67. Total number of citations > 16,500. More than 25 international patent applications. Speaker as plenary or invited lecturer at >80 international conferences.

Professional awards and distinctions
Elected fellow, Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), 2011.
Member of the Board of Distinguished Advisors, Antibody Society, USA, since 2011.
Awarded the The Svedberg Prize, 2000.

Commissions of trust
2015-present, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, House of Science (Vetenskapens hus), Stockholm.
2021-2024, Member of the Award Committee for the KTH Innovation Award (founded by Mathias Uhlén & Daniel Ek).
2019-2024, Member of the committee for appointment of Heads of Schools, KTH
2017-2020, Chairman of the Division of Biotechnology & Life Science (Div X) at the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), Stockholm.
2010-2011, Member of the Board, SciLifeLab, and 2011-2015, SciLifeLab Stockholm.

Examples of strategic leadership
1. Head of the School of Biotechnology (BIO), KTH 2005-13: As the first dean for BIO, after a reorganization of KTH, I was head of BIO, KTH for nine years, while expanding from 145 to > 400 employees.
2. Establishment of the Science for Life Laboratory, Solna: As KTH-member of the advisory board for the Stockholm Science City Foundation 2006-09, I took part in drafting the initial proposal that led to the establishment of SciLifeLab, for which KTH acts as the host university. In 2007, I coined the name Science for Life Laboratory.
3. Initiated (2012-14) the development of "Molecular techniques in Life science" the first Master Education with joint degree from KTH, Karolinska Institute & Stockholm University, reflecting research at SciLifeLab.

Entrepreneurial achievements/non-academic boards
Member of the Board of Directors for: Intervacc AB, public 2017 on Nasdaq - First North (2009-2023), Amylonix AB (2018-present; chairman of the board), KTH Holding AB (2013-present; chairman of the board since 2020), Zytox Therapeutics AB (2022-present, chairman of the board), Oblique Therapeutics AB (2021-23), The Human Protein Atlas Foundation (2018-present).

Cofounder of the biotech companies: Insudev Technology AB (1995), Creative Peptides AB (1996, later Cebix Inc. USA), Affibody AB (1998), Visual Bioinformatics AB (1999), Atlas Intressenter AB (2006), Atlas Therapeutics AB (2010), Amylonix AB (2018), Zytox Therapeutics AB (2022).