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Peter Kristian Mikael Szakalos

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Roslagstullsbacken 21

Om mig

Industrial Ph.D. in corrosion science at KTH 2004, working part time, 50-75%, as group leader at the High Temperature Corrosion group at the division of Surface and Corrosion Science and 25-50% in private companies. 

My research group are focused on developing better high temperature corrosion resistant steels for thermal energy processes.

High temperature corrosion- erosion- and mechanical testing are performed at our laboratory to enable a fast and effective steel development for a specific environment. The largest project concerns next generation (Gen IV) lead cooled sustainable nuclear reactors. KTH reactor physics and our group are the initiators to the SFF funded competence center, SUNRISE, see links:



Our successful steel development has rendered some attention with a prize awarding movie financed by the Swedish iron and steel producers' association (Jernkontoret), see following links:



We have developed three new steels during the latest years, a lean FeCrAl-steel, a lean AFA-steel (Alumina Forming Austenitic steel) and an Alumina forming Martensitic Steel (AFM).

Sandvik AB has already produced one of them in an industrial scale, the lean FeCrAl. This steel has achieved an unofficial world record in being corrosion resistant in liquid lead up to 800°C. 

To solve the future global energy problem with a simultaneous decommissioning of fossil fuels, we need new energy innovations. More correctly, we need new steels and new materials to realize the new revolutionary inventions such as Gen IV nuclear power, fusion power, concentrated solar power (CSP) and effective green energy storage. We contribute to all these fields with our new high temperature corrosion resistant steels.  

Profilbild av Peter Kristian Mikael Szakalos