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Publications by Christian Thomann

Peer reviewed


Brown, J. R., Martinsson, G. & Thomann, C. (2022). Can Environmental Policy Encourage Technical Change? : Emissions Taxes and R&D Investment in Polluting Firms. The Review of financial studies, 35(10), 4518-4560.
Brown, J. R., Martinsson, G. & Thomann, C. (2021). Government lending in a crisis. Journal of Corporate Finance, 71, 102116.
Lohse, T. & Thomann, C. (2015). Are bad times good news for the Securities and Exchange Commission?. European Journal of Law and Economics, 40(1), 33-47.
Zhang, Y., Fabel, O. & Thomann, C. (2015). Pay inequity effects on back-office employees' job performances : the case of a large insurance firm. Central European Journal of Operations Research, 23(2), 421-439.
Lohse, T., Pascalau, R. & Thomann, C. (2014). Public enforcement of securities market rules : Resource-based evidence from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 106, 197-212.
Thomann, C. (2013). The impact of catastrophes on insurer stock volatility. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 65-94.
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