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  • Micowave-assistetd synthesis, Processing and 3D Printing of Thermoelectric Materials. Allocated Budget: 1 480 000 SEK (2023-2026; Olle Engkvist Stiftelse)

  • Porous surfaces for enhanced performance of heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, Energimyndigheten (2021-2023); Collaborative project with Prof. Björn Palm (UNIT OF APPLIED THERMODYNAMICS AND REFRIGERATION)

  • Grafenskum för återvinningsbara filter för CO2 och oljeavskiljning, Vinnova (2019); Collaborative project with RISE

  • Solid-liquid thermoelectric systems with uncorrelated properties, UncorrelaTEd; FET-Project (EU-H2020; 2020-2024)

  • Cost Action: CA18132 - Functional Glyconanomaterials for the Development of Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutic Probes

  • Tuning elektronik transport av material genom att verka utanför kristallglittret (VR; 2019-2021)

  • Large-scale Microwave Assisted Heating  Reactor for High Throughput ( Scale-up ) Synthesis of Nanomaterials (Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästaren; 2018-2019)
  • Låg Dimensionella Termoelektriska Material för Utvinning av Energi från Spillvärme (Energimyndigheten; 2017-2020)
  • Molecular X-ray imaging (Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Foundation; 2017-2021)
  • Metal Assisted Chemical Etchng (MACE) of Silicon Zone Plate Structures (2016- )
  • Enhanced Nanofluid Heat Exchange (VR; 2014-2016): NANOHEX
  • A new generation of wireless sensors for integrated precise agriculture (EC-FP7; 2014-2016): AGRISENSACT 
  • Scalable Thermoelectrics (SSF; 2012-2016): SCALABLETEG
  • Next Generation Thermoelectric Converters (EC-FP7; 2012-2014): NEXTEC

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