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Research profile

I am an instrumental scientist and my research covers a broad range of x-ray physics, with a special emphasis on laser plasma x-ray sources and x-ray optics. My work is dominated by experimental efforts but also includes theoretical aspects. Important results include the investigation of laser plasma sources for extreme-ultraviolet lithography, the development of theoretical models for the simulation of x-ray transmission microscopes, the first compact differential interference microscope and investigations on the applicability of zone plates with hard x-ray free electron laser radiation. I am also member of the workgroup to build a hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline, NanoMAX, at the new Swedish synchrotron radiation source MAX IV. Below you can find examples of past and current project activities:

  • Design and fabrication of diffractive x-ray optics for the European Free Electron Laser XFEL
  • NanoMAX, a hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline for the new Swedish synchrotron radiation source MAX IV
  • High-resolution soft x-ray tomographic imaging