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A large deviation principle for the Schramm-Loewner evolution in the uniform topology

arXiv: 2209.00673

A note of Efimov Nonlocal and Nonpolynomial Quantum Scalar Field Theory.  With M.G. Ivanov and S.L. Ogarkov. Phys. Part. Nuclei 52 (2021), 420-437

Nonlocal Scalar Quantum Field Theory - Functional Integration, Basis Functions Representation and String Coupling Expansion. With S.L.Ogarkov, I.Chebotarev and M. Bernard. Particles 2(3) (2019), 385–410

S-Matrix of Nonlocal Scalar Quantum Field Theory in the Representation of Basis Functions. With S. Ogarkov, I. Chebotarev and M. Bernard. Particles 2(1) (2019), 103–139.

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