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Vinicius Vaz da Cruz

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About me

I'm a PhD student at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology at the BIO school at KTH. My primary research interest is high resolution X-ray spectroscopy of molecular systems, working on developing new theoretical and computational approaches for understanding ultra-fast light induced dynamics of molecules.

I hail from Brazil, I love exercising, such as weight training, running and playing badminton. Other hobbies include playing the guitar, chess and learning swedish.

I am also the PhD student representative for the Theoretical Chemistry program at the BIO school, so if you're a student and you have a problem you're welcome to contact me.

Currently, I am working on simulating the vibrationally resolved RIXS spectra of gas and liquid phase H2O by means of state-of-the art ab-initio calculations and wave packet propagation methods.