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Yolanda Hedberg

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About me

I have relocated to Western University, London, Ontario, Canada.

Research activities

Research includes health aspects of different materials and chemicals, corrosion mechanisms, and reactions at interfaces of relevance for health and environment. Skin allergies to different metals and chemicals, hazard and risk assessment of different metals and their health effects, corrosion properties of implant materials and inhaled metal particles, as well as interactions between proteins and metals, are examples of on-going research areas. This research is, and has been, financed of different research councils, foundations, patient organisations, companies and industrial associations.

Peer-reviewed publications

Almost all scientific articles are published as open access articles and can be found here.

Press release (some in Swedish)

Better knowledge of dangerous substances can prevent life-long allergies

Vill stoppa risker med nanopartiklar

Hårtoningsprodukter är allergiframkallande

Popular science articles and articles in magazines

Stor skillnad i skadlig effekt av partiklar i svetsrök, Karolinska Institutet, news (Swedish)

Kromallergi från läder?, Södra sjukvårdsregionens bulletin, 1, 2019, page 4 (Swedish).

Trevärt krom i kromgarvat läder kan orsaka allergiskt kontakteksem, Best Practice, 2019 (Swedish)

Kromgarvat läder kan orsaka allergi, pages 30-32 (Swedish)

Svetsrök och hälsa, especially page 35 (Swedish)

Testing stainless steel in simulated food contact

Metaller – hur påverkar de hälsan? (Swedish)

Syntet skyddar handen bättre (Swedish)

Curriculum Vitae

Nov 2020        Assistant Professor, The University of Western Ontario (Western University), Canada

Since 2017      Researcher at the division of Surface and Corrosion Science, KTH

Nov 2015         Docent in Corrosion Science towards Health Aspects (KTH)

2013-2016       Post-doc/researcher at the Institute for environmental medicine (IMM), Karolinska Institutet, and at the division of Surface and Corrosion Science, KTH

2012                Ph.D. in Corrosion Science, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

2011/12           Guest research at the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU), Erlangen, Germany

2009/12           Guest research at the Technical university Vienna, Austria

2010                Licentiate in Corrosion Science, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

2009                Diplom-Ingenieur (master of science) in materials science, Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU), Erlangen, Germany

1985                born in Erlangen, Germany


2017 Publons Peer-Review Award (top 1% reviewers for Multidisciplinary)

Publons Sentinel of Science Award 2016 (top 10% reviewers in Chemical Engineering)

Nordic Award for Surface and Colloid Chemistry 2014 (Akzo Nobel, for best doctoral and postdoctoral research in Scandinavia)

ECS Morris Cohen Award 2014 (Electrochemical Society, for best doctoral thesis in Corrosion Science)