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Ingvar Max Ziemann

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Om mig

In November 2022, I obtained my PhD at the Division of Decision and Control Systems under the supervision of Henrik Sandberg. In March, I will join UPenn as a postdoc to be hosted by Nikolai Matni and George Pappas. I am fortunate to be generously funded by a VR grant.

My work is centered on using statistical and information theoretic tools to study learning-enabled control methods. Currently, I am interested in studying how learning algorithms generalize in the context of dynamical systems. During the first half of my PhD I have worked toward characterizing fundamental limits of data-driven control problems. However, my interests are pretty broad, and I'm more than happy to chat about just about anything in machine learning, probability and applied mathematics.

Background:Before starting my PhD I obtained two sets of Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics (SU/KTH) and in Economics and Finance (SSE). During my studies, I also spent two semesters abroad, one at ENS de Lyon (Mathematics) and one in Aix-en-Provence (French Language). My Master's thesis on Model Reduction of Semistable Infinite-Dimensional Control Systems was awarded a prize (joint top 1-3) by the Stockholm Mathematics Center.


Courses taken: Reinforcement Learning (EL2805), Differential Geometry (SF2722), Data Driven Modelling (FEL3201), Information Theory (FEO3210), Theoretical Foundations of Machine Learning (FJL 3380), High Dimensional Probability and Algorithms (Summer School), Advanced Probability (FSF3945), Information Theory for Statistics and Learning (FEO3350)


Förstärkande inlärning (EL2805), assistent | Kurswebb