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March 2015
under General

Teacher Dejan Manojlo Kostic created page 9 March 2015

Dejan Manojlo Kostic edited 9 March 2015

1. Prof. Kostic will present for 4 out of 20 academic hours. Students enrolled in the class will present the remaining 16 papers based on a random assignment of students to papers.¶

We will use Moodle (https://moodle.ssvl.kth.se/course/view.php?id=34) to post:

- papers to be presented/discussed

- guidelines for preparing the presentations¶

- guidelines for writing paper evaluations¶

- collect paper evaluations and post grades on them with feedback

- collect assignments and post grades+feedback on them

Email dmk@kth.se for the moodle enrolment key if you don’t have it