Report instructions

Directions for written reports to computer exercises

Read the assignment carefully before you start. In all exercises you have to do some Matlab programming. In some exercise you also use the Comsol Multiphysics system. Note the following points:

  • The report should have a cover page with:
    • Exercise name and number
    • Student names and personal numbers
    • Student email addresses
  • The report should contain:
    • Short description of the problem to be solved
    • In case there are parts that should be solved by hand, these parts should be included. Examples of such parts are analytic treatment or preprocessing, scaling, etc. Whenever you are asked to do a derivation of a formula or an equation you should include your solution in the report.
    • Numerical methods and results should be reported together with graphs, tables and conclusions.
    • All graphs should have 1) title, 2) labeling of axis: variable names and physical dimensions, 3) explanation of the curve or the curves shown in the graph.
    • Answers to all questions (if any) given in the computer exercise.
    • References
  • The report should be a PDF document and submitted electronically via the links under Assignments on the Canvas homepage.
  • All Matlab code should be submitted together with the report on the homepage. Note: The Matlab code should not be included as text in the report.
  • In case a report is late, 1 point will be deducted. Smaller mistakes will also imply some deduction. If the results or conclusions are wrong the report will be returned to be corrected. The points will be given after the report has been corrected and submitted again.
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