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Find opponent for degree project

There are two ways to find an opponent for your degree project

  1. You can discuss with your examiner and agree on who will be opponent
  2. Communicate via KTH Social by make an annoncement on the page below.

Opposition seminars

Information about current presentation and opposition seminars

To find information about current presentation and opposition seminars, use the link below. This website is also used to announce upcoming seminars. Here you can also make a reservations for presentation and opposition seminar.

Presentation och opposition seminars

Procedure for the presentation seminar

  1. The presenter, i.e., author of the thesis, presents the work for 20 minutes. Preferably, interesting and relevant pieces of information (for project and master thesis) is given during the seminar. All students should have read the thesis before the seminar so it may not necessary to give all details at the presentation.

  2. The opponent gives feedback for 15 minutes. The opposition report must be handed in to the examiner, the presenter's examiner and own examiner not later than the day before the seminar. Also, out of courtesy, take one printed copy of the opposition report to the seminar and give it to the presenter. Template for the opposition report can be fetched from Canvas.

  3. Active listeners shall ask at least one question each. The students that act as active listeners should have looked at the thesis before the seminar. Do not forget that you should be active listners on at least two other seminars, beside the own presentation seminar and opposition seminar (i.e., four in total).

  4. Make sure that you get your assessment template signed! It is the examiner of the presenter that is signing the documents. If the assessment template is not filled in at the seminar, you will lose the seminar.

Templates can be found here:

Opposition report template:

 Assessment template:

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