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The Radio Sound Studio

Developing novel digital sound design tools through the modelling of historical sound effects.

This project aims to develop novel sound design tools by modelling historical sound effects utilising methods from sound and music computing, ethnography, and design thinking.

Through a collaboration with sound engineer and sound maker Michael Johansson (Sverige Radio) we identify sounding objects that we digitally model using physical modelling and procedural audio. We aim to then expand the sonic capabilities of these models by, for example, expanding their parameters´ range and exploring a number of different interfaces.

This project investigates the creative space between sound design tools and digital instruments, the importance of reproducing haptic and kinaesthetic aspects of sound making practices, and how a digital archive of sounding objects might be designed.

Our novel, historically informed, digital sound design tools aim to address both artistic sound practices and more utilitarian sonic interaction designs for new objects. The project also provides a tangible approach to connecting new sound design developments with historical literature and practice, and create new opportunities for radio, TV and Foley studios by developing a methodology to digitally archive sound design tools and practices.

The researchers involved combine expertise in sound and music computing, media production, artistic research in music, and computational ethnomusicology.


Sandra Pauletto, KTH, pauletto@kth.se
Henrik Frisk, KMH
Rod Selfridge, KTH
André Holzapfel, KTH
Michael Johansson, Sverige Radio