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Newly Admitted to KTH? Check out these upcoming events

Today is the day!

Admissions results were officially sent out this afternoon. To those of you who have been admitted, congratulations! 

To those who weren’t, I hope you have other paths for personal growth to look forward to. I pursued other interests and short term jobs between my bachelor’s and master’s studies; sometimes extra time or experience ends up shaping you into an even more prepared (and attractive) candidate. 

In anticipation of getting organised, moving to Sweden, and beginning studies at KTH, let me suggest that you keep a close eye on the “New at KTH” webpage – today, and for the next few months. 

Live chat – tomorrow!

Do you have questions? Get them answered! There will be a live chat available tomorrow, Friday 8 April from 9.30 – 16.00 CET. Directly from the KTH website, you can message with KTH staff and students in real-time.

Mark your calendar for the KTH Webinars

Check out the webinars and events that KTH offers, and be sure to register for them. You won’t want to miss the first one, “New At KTH” on Tuesday 12 April at 16.00 CET. After that, there will be other webinars covering topics like tuition payments, accommodation, and arrival. 

Get connected with your peers

This is also a prime time to start getting connected to your future classmates and community. You can find links to join the KTH Admitted Students 2022 Facebook Group or QQ group here. This page also includes links to other social media channels, which are updated regularly with timely information.

This is just a highlight of some of the resources available to you as a new student. Be sure to check out the links and find details for other exciting opportunities — like connecting with a KTH student, programme-specific events, and regional networking. 

Again, congrats!

// Claire