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Golden Hours – Photography in Stockholm

Misty Morning Field
A Misty Morning – Róisin

Stockholm is a beautiful city. I have been lucky enough to live here for the last two years and lucky enough to meet lots of creative people that can capture the city beautifully. Here I’ve gathered some of the photos my photographer friends Róisin, Mayela and Chirag have taken in the past year. These are the photos I always try to find when someone asks me “What’s Stockholm like?”.

Sergels torg square in Stockholm
Sergels Torg – Róisin
A tree-lined canal
Djurgården – Róisin

One thing that makes the city especially picturesque is its Nordic light. Not just the Aurora Borealis, but also that slanted sun that makes the whole place glow. In photography, this is called Golden Hour, when the sun burns orange for the last hour of the day. Due to its northerly location, Stockholm gets several golden hours that last throughout the evening. 

A view over Stockholm
The classic Stockholm – Chirag
A nighttime view of the castle
The Castle – Chirag
Northern lights over Stockholm
Northern Lights – Chirag

Another characteristic part of Stockholm is how green the city is. As you explore the city you find more and more great parks and forests. Mayela has been posting for the KTH Instagram account for the past year. She caught this greenery in all it’s greens, whites and golds:

If you want to see what it’s like to live in Stockholm, it’s a good idea to follow people who live there. So here are my photographers! Róisin on VSCO, Chirag on Instagram, Mayela on Instagram. Make sure to follow KTH on Instagram too if you want to see more cool photos of Stockholm.

~ Declan

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