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Falling in love with Sweden already? Maybe the “looking for work after studies” residence permit will be for you, too

This week I made my return to Sweden after a visit home to the US. The bus ride from the airport gave me so many flashbacks to the day I arrived in Sweden as a new student in 2020. 

I remember taking the KTH Arrival Days bus from the airport and chatting with a fellow new student from Singapore along the way. I remember watching the forest go by and thinking how amazing a place with mostly forest between the airport and city must be. And most of all, I remember being thrilled by all the newness and opportunity that lay ahead. 

KTH Entre and a view of campus with students gathered for KTH Arrival Days in autumn 2020

Pulling up to KTH Entre two years ago doesn’t feel that long ago, but for me, two years has come and gone in a blink. Since graduating, I took a bit of vacation to see family and friends and make the most of the remainder of summer before I begin working full time.

My recent return to Sweden has really felt like a homecoming. But being here after finishing my studies was made possible by my application being granted for what is essentially a job seekers visa; it’s available specifically to graduates of Swedish master’s programmes and provides residency for up to 9 months in order to apply for jobs in Sweden. 

One of many idyllic streets of Stockholm, with traditional architecture and a bustling streetscape

I think it’s great that Sweden and an increasing number of other European countries offer a similar opportunity. It’s a great way to retain graduates and gives them a better chance of pursuing a career abroad. If you fall in love with Sweden as much as I have, maybe you’ll want to check it out as a future option – more important info from Migrationsverket here

// Claire

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