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The time has come for me to wish you lycka till and say hej då! I have completed my MSc programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design and am looking forward to the next chapter of my career. This also means that new international student bloggers will be taking over soon, so stay tuned to meet them next week.

Looking back on the past two years at KTH, there is so much that I am grateful for.


KTH afforded me a healthy balance between my studies and personal life. Having the time for exercise, for friends, and for exploring other interests was something I had yet to experience as a student. It proved beneficial to both my mental and physical well-being, which ultimately provided the foundation I needed to excel in my studies.

Continued curiosity

Working as a digital student ambassador has been a defining aspect of my second year at KTH. It kept me curious about Sweden, Stockholm, and my local community at a time I might have otherwise settled in. Although I explored quite a bit during my first year, there was still so much more for me to experience and learn. I hope the window into student life, academics, Stockholm, and Swedish culture has proved useful to you personally, in one way or another. I owe you, as well as my fellow student ambassadors and advisors a big thank you for the motivation, and a really enjoyable side job.

Wider horizons

I’m also deeply grateful for what I’m leaving KTH with, including: A strengthened passion for the value of internationalisation. A deeper understanding of sustainability in my field. Many answered questions, but plenty more new ideas and curiosities about the role of urbanism in our future. A professional network, but even more dear to me, many great new friendships with people from all over the world.

Silhouette of Stockholm harbour skyline at dusk.

For me, KTH was the right next step. If it is for you too, I wish you the best and encourage you to make the most of your time. Signing off, with gratitude,

// Claire

4 thoughts on “Farewell!”

  1. And that’s a wrap!! So proud of you Claire and excited to see where you will land next!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Claire. It has been fun to share in your journey in some small way.

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