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International student accommodation: Danderyd!

Hello everybody! In this new post, I’ll show you my accommodation and tell you a little bit more about it. I live with 6 other students in Djursholm, slightly North of Stockholm, in a nice villa which was converted into student accommodation.

Picture of my room.
A view of my room. It’s small, but there’s everything I need (and it’s easy to clean)!

General information

As I said at the beginning, I live in Djursholm, which is part of the Danderyds Kommun. It’s a very calm residential area, full of green spaces and big houses. It’s not exactly a student place, but it is still possible to find some rooms and accommodation even here. As mentioned in my cost of life post, I spend 4200 SEK/month of rent, including heating and electricity – which I think is a great deal considering the area! I found this accommodation on Akademisk kvart.

In total, we are seven people in the house: each of us has her/his own bathroom, and there are two kitchens – so that it’s not that difficult to organise the cooking! Plus, we also have a big garden to have barbeque parties in the Summer.

Picture of a sunrise over the lake close to my house.
Snapshot of my daily walk to the train station. The frozen lake is always mesmerising!

My way to KTH

I have three ways to get to KTH (oh my, I love Stockholm’s public transportation network!): the subway, the Roslagsbanan and the bus (which I never take).

The Roslagsbanan is a cute little train which takes me to KTH in about 10 minutes. I usually choose this option, both because it’s the closest to my house (15 minutes of walking) and because it comes very often (there is a train every 5-10 minutes during the day). Also, I love that journey! The incredible views over Stockholm’s lakes and forests can light up your day in a split second.

Picture of Djursholms Osby Roslagsbanan station
The cute Roslagsbanan train station

The subway is a bit further from my house (about 25 minutes walking), but it comes even more often than the Roslagsbanan. Plus, the walk to come back home is really nice as it passes through a small forest, where I sometimes happen to see cute little deers.

Picture of a forest covered in snow.
My way to the subway: I love how everything in Sweden is always merged with nature!


In conclusion, I really enjoy my life here – I love the nature, the tranquillity, my house and my housemates. However, I wouldn’t recommend living in Djursholm to everybody: being a residential area, there isn’t a wide choice of places to hang out, especially during the night. Sure, Stockholm is close and the public transportation works nice also during the evening, but it may still be a bit of a problem if you’re a night crawler! Living in Stockholm City would surely mean having more places to hang out and have fun.

Picture of a sunset in my garden.
No filters needed for this beautiful sunset

That is all for today’s post. In the next weeks we’ll talk more about the cost of life in Stockholm, part-time jobs and how to find accommodation here – so stay tuned! In the meantime, why don’t you check out Raygo’s and Martyna’s post on KTH accommodation and living in Lappis?

I thank you very much and wish you a good weekend!

See you in the next post.

// Lorenzo