Stockholm Student Arrival Service: January 2018

Hey guys, Guess what happened this week at Stockholm? Quite obvious from the topic right? It was the official arrival day on Sunday, 14th January. It was an honour to be part of the arrival team organised by Stockholm Academic Forum to welcome new students as a  student guide at Terminal 5 at the Arlanda … Continue reading “Stockholm Student Arrival Service: January 2018”

Are we ready?

This weekend has to be very busy for most students at KTH as we prepare for examinations before Christmas. Due to this, I have spent the major part of this week studying. So, today is not any different as I woke up this morning to meet up with other students from my programme and what … Continue reading “Are we ready?”

Jingle and mingle….

So this week ended lectures for everyone at KTH for the year. As we welcome the festive period, it is very common for people to host Christmas parties at work or as small groups as most people would be away from school once lectures are over (for those that do not have December examinations) As a … Continue reading “Jingle and mingle….”

Banking for International Students in Sweden

For new students that would be in Sweden for more than a year, you may be thinking of opening a bank account. You can find general information on the documents required to open a bank account in Sweden here. Making the final decision for which bank to choose was more problematic than I envisioned and … Continue reading “Banking for International Students in Sweden”