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Fire & Ice: Skating at Facklornas Kväll

Winter in Sweden is a novel experience. Over the past few months, we bloggers have tried to convey many different sides of this, from experiences with the KTH Outdoor Club and trips to the north, to tips on how to thrive and why winter cycling is a thing here.  But there are plenty of things … Continue reading “Fire & Ice: Skating at Facklornas Kväll”

My study life at KTH 

I often tell you about leisure activities and fun things to do in Stockholm in my blog, but I haven’t shared much about my studies yet. Time to fix that and tell you more about my study experience at KTH.  My programme is called Media Management. It focuses on developing and marketing media products and … Continue reading “My study life at KTH “

Thesis Work at the Architecture Studio

The campus is alive once again. As the winter slowly turns toward spring, it seems the time of restrictions is over. In the architecture school at KTH main campus, this means all the students are back working together in our lovely curvy building. My classmates and I are now in our final semester of the … Continue reading “Thesis Work at the Architecture Studio”

Queer & Here: Student Q&A

Sweden is known for being gay-friendly. Historically, it’s been an early adopter of laws and regulations to protect and enable the rights and opportunities of LGBTQI people, and it continues to work towards greater equality today. KTH shares this mission – one of its core pillars is equality, which encompasses gender equality and diversity. Things … Continue reading “Queer & Here: Student Q&A”

Meeting internationals in Stockholm

Education abroad is not just about studies or work. For me, it is much about the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world. Since everybody speaks English in Stockholm and the city itself is very international, I was able to meet many interesting people for the past six months. In this post, … Continue reading “Meeting internationals in Stockholm”

When the Northern Lights Dance in Stockholm

When I moved to Stockholm, one of the many things I was looking forward to was seeing the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights. To do that, it’s usually necessary to head north – which is saying something because the latitude of Stockholm (59°33′ N) is pretty far up already. A roughly 15-hour car ride (or overnight … Continue reading “When the Northern Lights Dance in Stockholm”