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Accommodation services

KTH Accommodation is a service to international students, assisting them in finding accommodation in Stockholm. Some student groups are guaranteed housing, while others need to find housing on their own.

Future student at KTH

Are you planning to study at KTH and want to know about our accommodation services?

KTH Accommodation 

Finding long-term housing on short notice in Stockholm can take a lot of work. We want to make it easier for international students coming to study in Stockholm by offering housing to as many students as possible. Our accommodation service is non-profit. We lease apartments from housing and building companies and then sublease these apartments to the students. Students pay rent to KTH, and KTH pays rent to the property owner. Some student groups are guaranteed housing, some are offered housing only when we have vacant apartments and some need to find housing on their own.

We can not provide service to individuals who want to lease a room or apartment to students. If you are doing PhD studies at KTH, head to KTH Relocation .