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KTH Propathon 2019

Tid: Fr 2019-11-29 kl 16.15 - Fr 2019-12-06 kl 21.00

Plats: Sahara, Teknikringen 10B

Medverkande: Björn Berggren, Andreas Fili, Milan Horemuz, Bertram Steininger


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KTH Propathon – hackathon with properties

“How can we use data/digitization to cope with the consequences* of the sea-level rise until 2050 for the real estate sector?”


In this Propathon, you will have an exciting experience in the continuous integration process of digitization in the real estate sector. The goal is to present a (or at least: an idea of a) solution to the mentioned question:

“How can we use data/digitization to cope with the consequences* of the sea-level rise until 2050 for the real estate sector induced ?”

 * consequences can include design, construction, city planning, expropriation, valuation, pricing, insurance premium, etc. 

Students are invited to join this event to solve a topical problem of the real estate sector by using real estate data and software/modeling. You/We will form a team and present your solution approach in a 15-minute pitch. The best way to do that is by having a team with diverse skills in computer, city planning, geodesy, legal aspects, property valuation, etc. We will meet us on a Friday for a kick-off meeting and forming the teams. During this meeting, we will give insights and inspirations into Proptech, innovation, entrepreneurship, and how to use digitization in the real estate sector. After this meeting, you can work with your team on your solution over the next week. On the next Friday, we will meet again, and you will mostly finalize and present your work. We are looking forward to watching and listening to creative solutions and a fruitful discussion with you!

Don’t panic if you a not an expert in computer science or real estate! Gain experience what you can reach in a team and what you should learn in your study program over the next months.


November 29, 2019

  • 16:15 Kick-off: Idea, basic concept, what to do
  • 16:30 How to start your own idea (entrepreneurship)
  • 16:45 Innovation in the real estate sector 
  • 17:00 Welcome talk by KTH Propathon team
  • 17:15 Intro pitch of the teams & idea
  • 18:00 Food & beverage

November 30 - December 5, 2019

  • This is your time – bring your idea to life (data collection, analysis, coding, illustration, …).

December 6, 2019

  • 16:15 Welcome
  • 16:30 Talk: Future of digitization in the real estate sector 
  • 17:00 Finalize your project
  • 18:30 Food & beverage
  • 19:00 Presentations and discussions


You can register as a group or as an individual. Please register before November 26; no costs; registration link

This event is in English.

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