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  • Research environments

    The Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design manage four research environments: Multisensory Studio, MIDDLA, Haptic Lab and KTH's R1 (reactor hall).

  • Multisensory Studio

    The Multisensory studio provides means for conducting a variety of experiments and test.

  • KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space and Presence Laboratory

    The KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space is a project at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, with support from Akademiska Hus and EIT ICT Labs.

  • Haptic Lab

    The haptic lab provides facilities for research within the field of haptics. The lab gives access to tools for development and evaluation of haptic interfaces in different application areas such as computer games, scientific visualization and medical simulation.


    The Interaction lab is an open lab space allowing for work within the field of Interaction design. The lab today is mainly for students enrolled in the HCI master programme, providing means for conducting workshops and other student related work.

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