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Sample of supervised master's degree thesis


List of completed Master’s degree dissertations (30 ECTS) supervised:


  1. Serhat Uzun,Telework and Effects on Office Real Estate: A study on telework, its future, and how telework can affect the market for office space, 2021
  2. Sofie Magne & Jacob Stenswed, Revenue management applicability on coworking space: Operator perspective, 2019.
  3. Dario Petrovic, Risk Management in Construction Projects – Knowledge Management Perspective from Swedish Contractors, 2017.
  4. Bonnie Winnberg and Simone Heller,  Framework procurements and the effect on the Swedish housing market – An analysis of SABO Kombohus Bas, 2016.
  5. Tyler Wilson, Urban Renewal Investment: A Case Study of Hamilton, Ontario, 2016.
  6. Emanuel Stürzebecher & Robin Petersson, “Strategic Partnerships between banks and developers- A study of Stockholm´s construction market participants”, 2015.
  7. Marcus Arvidsson, “Serviced apartments in Sweden – Is there a growth opportunity”, 2015.
  8. Daria Bryunina, “Value of Commercial Real Estate investments: Sustainability perspective in Sweden and France”, 2014.
  9. Michael de Lange, “A closer look into the feasibility of future large scale land reclamation”, 2014.
  10. Esther Himbert , “Analysis of German real estate funds: selection criteria for investment opportunities perspective”, 2014.
  11. Burak Ünal, “ Sustainable Development of Istanbul Built Environment”, 2014.
  12. Youjia Shi, “Knowledge Management of real estate firms in China and Sweden”, 2012.
  13. AmaravadeeVinyangkoon, “Commercial Green Building: The value added gap perspective”, 2012.
  14. Ethiopia Wondimu Robi, “Rapid Urbanization and Housing Shortage in Africa: The Opportunity within the Problem for Ethiopia”, 2011.
  15. Liangping Wang, Shopping center development in China: Current situation, challenges and solutions”, 2011.
  16. Panu Manotham, “Bangkok Urban Dynamics and Housing Market”, 2010.

  17. Obi Elvis Oke, “The Inherent Uncertainty in the Valuation Practice: An Investigation into the Opinions of Some Swedish and UK Valuers”, 2009.

  18. Gulina Kubanychbekova, “Feasibilty of Property Taxation in Kyrgyzstan”, 2009.

  19. Yukun Han, “Price Analysis of Chinese Real Estate Market”, 2008.


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