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Andréas Andersson

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After receiving a MSc. In Civil Engineering from KTH in 2004, I started to work as a Structural Engineer for the Swedish Railway Administration (Banverket). Parallel to my engineering work, I received a Lic. Engr. degree in Fatigue assessment of steel railway bridges in 2009 and a Ph.D. in Capacity assessment of concrete arch bridges with backfill in 2011, all from KTH, Division of Structural Engineering and Bridges.

In 2012, I joined Roughan & O’Donovan Innovative Solutions for a post-doc within the EU-funded project Long Life Bridges. My research involved vibration control for railway bridge dynamics, including the development of a prototype damper at Trinity College Dublin, TCD.

In 2017, I visited The State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China, for a post-doc within the EU-funded project RISEN. My research involved train-track-bridge interaction within the research group on vehicle-track interaction led by Prof. Wanming Zhai.

During the fall of 2018, I spent two months as a visiting researcher at the Smart Structures Technology Laboratory at UIUC, led by Prof. Bill Spencer. The research involved real-time hybrid simulation of a full-scale MR-damper coupled with a numerical model of a bridge.

My research areas involve:
- Railway bridge dynamics for high-speed trains.
- Train-track-bridge interaction.
- Dynamic soil-structure interaction.
- Vibration mitigation using external damper systems.
- Field measurements, planning, instrumentation and signal processing.
- Model updating.
- Nonlinear FE-analysis of steel and concrete structures.
- Impact loading on concrete structures.
- Fatigue assessment of steel structures.


Finite Element Methods in Analysis and Design (AF2024), course responsible, teacher | Course web