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Publications by Bertram Steininger



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W. Breuer and B. I. Steininger, "Recent trends in real estate research: a comparison of recent working papers and publications using machine learning algorithms," Journal of Business Economics, vol. 90, no. 8, pp. 963-974, 2020.

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B. I. Steininger et al., "Regulation of Managers and Investment Vehicles," in Routledge Companion to Real Estate Investment, Bryan D. MacGregor, Rainer Schulz, Richard K. Green Ed., 1st ed. : Routledge, 2018, pp. 43-69.
B. I. Steininger, "Verwaltung von Immobilienvermögen," in Strategische Vermögensverwaltung : Konzepte - Instrumente - Entwicklung, Peter Hoppe, Frank Keuper Ed., 1st ed. Berlin : Logos Verlag Berlin, 2017, pp. 173-194.
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