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Birger Moell

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About me

PhD student at Speech Music and Hearing. Supervised by the amazing Jonas Beskow

My work focuses on understanding how we can use speech and language to diagnose disorders.

I'm open to supervising candidate and master students who are interested in working with machine learning in speech and language.


We are currently working exploring how Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (the architecture behind GPT-chat) can be used for training LLM models in psychology.

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UnderstandingSpeech (FörståTal)

Reinforced life app

We have built an application with cognitive test that will be used by speech pathologists to digitize the speech pathology interview. The app is available on the app store.

Whisper Swedish

Working on building a Swedish language version of Whisper.

Our goal is looking into how we can have good quality transcriptions quickly in order to enable speech to speech applications.

Castle AI

I sometimes talk about machine learning to an open audience and I have a Discord Bot with stable diffusion 2.0.

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Speech and Whisper

Stable Diffusion


Works with the EA-Care projekt with the aim of identifying speech and spatial markers for alzheimer.

Our work on data capture and analysis was recently published in Frontiers.


Open source

I'm a beliver in open source and open science and I do my best to share my work freely.



Active projects

TMH pip package


The TMH pip package is a package containing pipelines for work in speech and language.


Speech is a library containing open source solutions for speech to text, text-to-speech and conversational logic in a web frontend using react and python.

Gesture generation

Collaborating with the great Rajmund Nagyand Taras Kuchurenko on Gesture Generation.

Our work on Gesture Generation was accepted to AAMAS.

Nordic GPT Models

Model playground

GPT models trained on wikipedia / oscar dataset in Swedish / Norwegian / Danish / Nordic

Example generated text

Meningen med livet är att man ska försöka få ihop så mycket tid som möjligt med familjen och vänner för att det ger rätt energi till nästa mål och det som finns kvar är att ta tag i framtiden… En mycket annorlunda, rolig livsfilosofi som även kallas positiv psykologi. Den har de flesta nog förstått innan man börjat gå i terapi eller går i grupp och den hjälper mig

Generative art

Generative art

I make generative art and sometimes talk about it

Presentation Kulturnatten

Presentation Kulturnatten

Länk för stable diffusion


Language Engineering with Introduction to Machine Learning (DD1418), assistant | Course web

Speech and Speaker Recognition (DT2119), assistant | Course web

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