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Optimal EV charging in for the energy communities

Residential communities are considerable potential for reducing carbon emissions by implementing clean energy technologies and flexible energy demand in the buildings. This project aims to develop optimal algorithms and energy management framework for integrated energy systems, focusing on enhancing energy flexibility within energy communities through the integration of solar PVs, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and energy storage systems.


1) Chitchai Srithapon and Daniel Månsson, " Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging using Real-Time Coordinated and Decentralized Cooperating Heat Pump in Community Grids," 2022 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe).

2) Chitchai Srithapon, Daniel Månsson, "Predictive control and coordination for energy community flexibility with electric vehicles, heat pumps and thermal energy storage", Applied Energy, 2023.

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