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Master theses from the Group


Gouwy, Isabelle “Development of ultrasound pulse sequences for acoustic droplet vaporization” full text

Nimander, Didrik “ Acoustic Droplet Vaporization of Perfluorocarbon Filled Microdroplets" full text

Löffler, Wendi "Non-Destructive Characterization of Ultrasound Contrast Agent" full text


Sigmundsson, Rúnar "Subharmonic Imaging of Polymer-Shelled Contrast Agents"  full text

Rashid, Mohammed R. A. "Image Contrast Enhancement using Poly Vinyl Alcohol Microbubble Response to High MI Ultrasound" full text

Evangelou, Dimitrios. "Ultraharmonic Imaging of Polymer-shelled Microbubbles" full text


Karlsson, Frans, and Edvin Kalmaru. "Optimizing an Ultrasound Based Tissue Micro Engineering System." full text

Jansson, Magnus. "A 3D-ultrasound guidance device for central venous catheter placement using augmented reality." full text


Chen, Hongjian. "Towards the Development of the Dual Modal Contrast Agent for Computed Tomography and Ultrasound." full text

Cristiana Golfetto. "Assessment of Shear Wave Elastography Acoustic Output - a Simulation and Experimental Study" full text


Chen, Zhongze. "Assessment of ultrasound field properties and the potential effects on cells." full text


Zheng, Miaomiao. "Ultrasound contrast agents: fabrication, size distribution and visualization." full text


Eghbali, Ladan. "The impact of defective ultrasound transducers on the evaluation results of ultrasound imaging of blood flow." full text


Grishenkov, Dmitry. "Diagnostic Power of Different Tissue Doppler Parameters during Ultrasound Cardio-Vascular Investigation." Abstract