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EIT Health summer school 2018

Approved also for Summer 2019 !!!!


Summer school 2018

Healthcare UPgraded – role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (HelloAI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) might be a useful tool in solving some of the challenges of healthcare that originate from an increasing population, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and a lack of healthcare professionals. Radiologists and pathologists are already scarce, but they also fear losing their jobs to AI. Physicians must adapt: Instead of fearing for their jobs, they should develop new skills. Our main goal is to prepare the upcoming generation for the wide-spread implementation of AI.

Dates and Places:

  • 4-6 June 2018: GE Healthcare, Budapest, Hungary
  • 11-13 June 2018: KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 18-21 June 2018: LEITAT, Barcelona, Spain

Our 10 days course will cover biodesign thinking, team collaboration, clinical need identification, basic theoretical and practical use of AI and entrepreneurship.

Project partners:

  • KTH - Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems
  • Science Park of Barcelona The Health& Biomedicine unit 
  • GE Healthcare
  • ETH Zurich


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