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Fredrik Edfors Arfwidsson

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Tomtebodavägen 23A


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Assistant Professor Fredrik Edfors (Ph.D.) is a Data-Driven Life Science SciLifeLab and Wallenberg Fellow specializing in precision medicine and diagnostics. His research at KTH focuses on leveraging novel proteomics technologies, such as Olink proteomics and LC-SRM/MS, for next-generation plasma profiling to study human health and disease. He has developed methods for accurate protein quantification and explored remote sampling strategies for longitudinal patient profiling. By combining these technologies with machine learning, he has identified novel biomarkers and developed innovative biomarker panels with high diagnostic and prognostic potential.


Applied Proteomics (CB2110), course responsible | Course web

Degree Project in Biotechnology, First Cycle (BB103X), teacher | Course web

Proteomics (CB2080), teacher | Course web

Systems biology (CB2030), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Fredrik Edfors Arfwidsson