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Elzbieta Plaza

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About me

Elzbieta Plaza is Professor of Water Supply and Wastewater Technology and her main research interest is focused on sustainable treatment methods combined with recovery of resources. The experimental work, both in laboratory and pilot-scale, has been directed towards nutrient removal (especially nitrogen removal with Anammox), membrane technology, removal of pharmaceuticals and GHG emissions. During last years most of the research projects has been conducted at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk research facility, which became a national and international resource for cross-disciplinary research co-operation.


She was actively engaged into consolidation of a co-operation and a network building between Sweden and the Universities in the Baltic Sea Region. Her continuous efforts resulted in many international conferences and seminars. She initiated and coordinated many research and education projects involving students, teachers and researchers from different countries around the Baltic Sea.



Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (AL1304), course responsible | Course web

Water Treatment Processes and Technology (AE2302), course responsible | Course web

Water and Wastewater Handling (AE2304), course responsible | Course web